Floating docks / Residential

Create your own floating dock! Perfect for deep water or when water levels vary significantly, our residential and commercial floating docks are sold by the square foot, with no standard dimension. Transport wheels are available asan option.

  • Aluminum structure
  • Stainsless steel bolts
  • Standard chain attachments
  • Connecting hinges
  • Decking options (cedar, plastic XWave, Thruflow or aluminum) See ThruFlow plastic datasheet
  • Insulated 12" or 16" high floating drums
  • Sold by the square foot
  • Dock weight: 4.5lb per ft (cedar)2
  • Minimum flotation capacity 35 lb per ft2
  • Without standard dimension, they are manufactured to suit your taste, according to your project 
  • Ideal for deep water or where there are significant variations in water level
  • Transport wheels
  • Decking options (Red cedar, XWave plastic, Thruflow or Aluminum)